On Cultural Blinders and Ludic Fallacies

Everyone on planet earth was born into an existing “game”. We here in the United States are now in the “end game” because the game we were born into is becoming increasingly unstable by design. We are constantly blamed for our own situation when, in fact, the “rules” are intended to prevent us from rising above our increasingly hopeless lives. Other countries were already in their own versions of the game.

It is NOT your fault and there is ONLY ONE SOLUTION.

If you’re an intellectual, like to figure things out, or think for yourself, read on. If you have faith, you can read on if you wish or simply surrender.

People in the West have been on sold lies, damn lies and statistics about the “truth” of science and mathematics. We have television shows such as Numb3rs and the many “who done it” forensic and police shows such as NCIS and the many variations of CSI that “teach us” that everything can be calculated including what we did in the past and what we will do in the future.

While that is a great way to control people who have no way of knowing the limitations of science and mathematics, it simply is not so. Some of the information is accurate; other aspects are disinformation. There is only one way to know the truth.

Most people who have been raised swimming in disinformation soup and breathing propaganda atmosphere have lost their critical thinking ability. As soon as you recover yours, the ridiculousness of what we’re being fed will become as obvious as a flashing neon light.

Ecological Economics quotes tidbits from Nasem Nicholas Taleb’s The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable:

“What is the ludic fallacy? Ludic comes from ludis, Latin for games. … In the casino you know the rules, you can calcalute the odds, and the type of uncertainty we encounter there. …

In real life you do not know the odds; you need to discover them, and the sources of uncertainty are not defined. Economists … draw an artifical distinction between Knightian risks (which you can compute), and Knightian uncertainty (which you cannot compute), after … Frank Knight ….

Yet we automatically, spontaneously associate chance with these Platonified [or “scientitized”] games. …

Those who spend too much time with their noses glued to maps will tend to mistake the map for the territory. …”

They go on to discuss narrative fallacies:

“We like stories, we like to summarize, and we like to simplify, i.e., to reduce the dimension of matters. The … narrative fallacy… is associated with our vulnerability to overinterpretation and our predilection for compact stories over raw truths. It severely distorts our mental representation of the world; it is particularly acute when it comes to the rare event. …”

We all live in illusions – narrative fallacies fed to us throughout our lives. Instead of opening our eyes to the truth, most quickly stick their heads into the conveniently offered sand. They wouldn’t want to “rock the boat” or have to proactively change their lives. Much better to keep their eyes tightly closed and wait for the next tidal wave to take them.  Are you one of them or are you walking with Jesus?


  • The Top 50 Dystopian Movies of All Time – throughout time writers have been inspired to reveal the truth between the lines. Many of these movies seemed over the top ridiculous when they came out. Decades later we can see they were warning us of what is behind the illusion we’re living in and the future that is coming (or already here!). Why do certain movies like Star Wars have such a wide appeal and lasting fan base? Why are non-fiction fans drawn to them? Could it be that we all know the truth deep inside but many can only allow it into their minds as fiction? Think about it.

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