Creationism or Evolution? Was Darwin WRONG?

Even though many teach evolution as fact, there is insufficient proof that evolutionists are correct. In fact, in his book, Darwin provides a specific test that his THEORY of evolution had to meet. If it fails that test in his own words he said, “my theory would absolutely break down.”

The November edition of National Geographic magazine (NG) posed the question “Was Darwin Wrong?” on its front cover. I highly recommend this post in reply to their article explaining in depth why Darwin was wrong about evolution using his own writings to prove it.

Here is the most applicable excerpt (and I recommend reading the entire article):

“There can be no doubt that in order to provide a realistic response to the question “Was Darwin Wrong?” one needs to look at what Darwin actually said and to compare this to modern scientific facts. In his book The Origin of Species, in which he unveiled his theory of evolution, Darwin provided a very important criterion by which to test his theory. So concrete is that criterion that in Darwin’s own words it could “absolutely break down” the theory. Darwin wrote:

If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down.” 2

Darwin maintained that organs evolved during a gradual process. Thinking of this imaginary process in reverse, it appears that Darwin assumed that these organs possessed reducibility. However, advances made in the field of biochemistry, especially over the last 40 years, have revealed that the cell possesses a superior complexity, the details of which were unknown in Darwin’s time, for which reason it was equated to a “black box,” and that certain structures within the cell actually possess the feature of “irreducible complexity.”

Beyond that, it is simply illogical to believe that the complexities of every living mammal and especially humans could ever have “evolved” and in fact there is now scientific proof that it didn’t.

Evolutionists argue that life spontaneously emerged from random bits.

No one has ever shown that it is possible to create anything complex by blowing it up or crashing it and IMHO they never will because it is just simple logic that no matter how many times you reproduce an explosion it will never “create” anything complex like a car or a television or a computer much less something infinitely more advanced as a human.

Logic dictates the existance of a creator (this is an EXCELLENT link).

Many have pondered evolution versus creationism or  God or Evolution and each of us must reach our own conclusion. In the video below, Dr. Hugh Ross PhD. Lectures on “Creation as Science”:

Many who believe in God (by any of the names given to the ONE true God) and many who call themselves Christians have not clearly made a decision. Either scientists are correct about the age of the earth or the Bible is but not both.

Here is an interesting but incorrect theory that attempts to reconcile the two very different ideas about the age of the earth.

This better post points out that we can either trust the Biblical timeline or man’s. We can’t have it both ways.

How do scientists prove that carbon dating is accurate? It is based on ASSUMPTIONS about when specific events occurred. If the assumptions are inaccurate the dating will be too. Many argue that science proves the Biblical timeline and that carbon dating supports a young earth.

Human “knowledge” is based on what others before us wrote or said. Few question what is widely accepted or published in a book or magazine and that is a major source of inaccurate information.

Many of us will look at a book that cites three sources for the same facts from three different periods of time and think, that must be true – three different authors included it in their book. What non-authors don’t realize is that the second author quoted the first author and third author quoted them both. There are NOT three independent sources for that “fact” – there is only one person’s opinion.

What if the first author was wrong?

Archaeology and science are both proving the Bible is factual. There are television channels where I live that have excellent series on what has been discovered and the actual history of the founders of the U.S. and their views on Christianity (and it is FAR from the current propaganda would have us believe).

Many are confusing societal beliefs, religious beliefs, government laws and the influences exerted by the media (and all major media is controlled by the same few elite) with the TRUTH. They are NOT the truth.

The video below is of an excellent lecture that Dr. Gerald Schroeder gave in Jerusalem on “The Science of God”:

For me, I know God. In fact, I work for God and he provides for me through clients. I live in total peace in spite of seeing where the world is going. If I read anything years ago that would reveal to me what I now know to be Truth I must not have been ready to understand it. I would be happy to discuss this with anyone who truly wants to know more and especially with you, John.

Every time I think of one particular blogger friend I am reminded of the movie based on Stephen King’s book The Stand which for reasons I can not imagine is not available at Netflix. In it a young man is one of many called to an elderly woman. He says to her “I don’t believe in God” and she laughs and replies, “He believes in you”.

If you are a selfless person who sees more than most and struggle with how hopeless it all seems listen very carefully. God is calling you. If you want to know more about how to hear Him (or Her – God is not really either) reach out to me. There is much I can share with you that I choose not to publish yet.

Creationism versus Evolution

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5 Responses to “Creationism or Evolution? Was Darwin WRONG?”

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  2. Darrell Baudoin Says:

    A very inspiring post indeed.

    William James, the father of modern psychology, said, “There’s nothing so absurd that if you repeat it often enough, people will believe it.” Now our culture is of the view that, given enough time, chaos will produce order!

    Is it possible that most scientists could be wrong? Yes, they are very wrong. Most people follow the crowd; it’s human nature, even when the crowd is dead wrong. The Bible says, “You shall not follow a crowd to do evil”. Exodus 23:2

    I do believe in the Big Bang theory, I believe that God spoke, and BANG! There it is.

    Darrell B

  3. walksintruth Says:

    Welcome Darrell,

    I love your comment. People are amazingly naive. It boggles my mind that they so easily believe even the most absurd “truths” based solely on how long they’ve been believed or that no one else has the uncommon sense to question them.

    I once tried to get links to any proof that vaccinations actually had any kind of scientific “proof” that they worked. I got many “I can’t believe in this day and age anyone would question…” type comments but not one single link to one single study – flawed or otherwise.

    I have since found a site that addresses the question Do Vaccinations Work in some depth.

    I have come to know that the only Truth comes from God and the only healing comes from God. The disinformation has been going on for so long and they have gotten so good at their spin that everything else is suspect.

    There are quotes in the Bible to that effect. I hope to find and save them soon.

  4. myself-corp Says:

    i agree that many scientist only based what others want to think of, not what her/his subconsiousness. That’s why many theory can be breakdown easily only if we take God as our researcher partner.

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