Why I Believe In and Have Surrendered to God

I have met many exceptionally gifted musicians who perform at New Thought churches affiliated with The Church of Religious Science aka Science of Mind based upon the writings of Ernest Holmes.

Those churches attract thinkers and musicians; however, the New Thought philosophies attempt to leave out the importance of Jesus and often replaces references to God with the word love instead.

At least one of their most influential leaders knows Jesus and attracts people seeking Truth to her church. The New Thought philosophies are another in a long line of paths that get us ALMOST to God but leave out what is most important.

That they try to avoid Jesus became obvious to me because I knew a member who knew and loved Jesus and wrote and performed music dedicated to Him. He was asked not to include His name when performing and he shared with me as he sat down after performing a composition he wrote for God that in his passion he had allowed sweet Jesus to slip from his lips.

That man is one of the most pure of heart I have ever met yet he does not realize it. I believe that God uses all paths – incorrect or not – to call us to Him. Following every incorrect philosophy are those who hear Him and will move beyond the false teachings.

Other paths designed to mislead us contain mostly Biblical truths in disguise – omitting the most important part – so that they seem to be true. I did not come to know Jesus by being born into a family that knew Him or raised in a church or by being pure of heart.

I came to know Him by continually seeking wisdom down each path until it became obvious it did not work. Eventually I realized that there is only one way to know the real Truth because the evil one has had all had this time to create the most convincing disinformation and propaganda to keep us from God.

There is no human way to discern precisely what is true and what is lies. Only by our personal relationship with Jesus can we know what to do and when to do it. He is the only one worthy of our worship and the only way to the Father.

Once I would have argued that The Holy Bible – being translations of translations done by man – could not be accurate as I had studied German until I was fluent and I knew how misleading direct translations are (made even more obvious now with machine translations widely available online).

Now I know that those human translators of the Bible were divinely guided and when we know Jesus our interpretations are too – provided we are careful to listen and confirm what we think it says and not be mislead by our own inaccurate beliefs and what society has conditioned us to believe.

The Bible contains all we need to know about life, what has happened in the past and what will be. We can converse with Jesus directly, ask and be answered – after we have completely and voluntarily by free choice surrendered our will to God and accepted that He always sees what we can not.

I know that even if what is happening around us and what He asks may not make sense to me in the moment, that it is always part of His plan. Everything in my life has lead me to what He has called on me to do.

I know that even many whose hearts belong to God who share His Word have not thought to question their conditioning and therefore perpetuate incorrect human ideas but that does not matter because what the purpose of this life is to decide one thing:

Will we surrender our will freely by choice to God, know Him through a personal relationship with Jesus – accepting the Holy Spirit as our Guide and be with Him forever or will we choose selfishness instead with all the consequences of that choice.

We are either God’s or we are not. It is purely our choice to make as He gave us free will and offered to forgive us and allow us to be with Him forever.

It is through intellect (in trying to come up with a way to live in a perfect community in this life) that I realized that heaven could not be heaven if it were not based on two things:

  1. free will (as we instinctively rebel at being controlled by others)
  2. selflessness (because only one selfish person would destroy the peace in any community).

The solution is beautiful: surrender our free will to our perfect Creator whose will we (or at least some of us) do not have any desire to rebel against and allow Him to lead us.

That made all else clear including why He must judge how we will be judged and bring only those who are selfless into heaven.

The selfish – which the majority still are even though they may profess to be Christians – belong to the original rebel and always will. They can never be trusted. They have made their choices and locked in their consequences.

You may be interested in the thoughts I record in this free blog here where I occassionally record my thoughts. There is some good information there I was inspired to share and most likely some ideas that will surprise even those who do already know God.

I work for God and He pays me through people. Since I have freely and completely surrendered my free will to Him I have peace. While insanity reigns all around me and I clearly see Facism marching over the United States I trust that whatever may happen in my life is in His hands because I gave him my life.

If for any reason someone who does not believe in God or who considers themselves an atheist or agnostic has read this far, I leave you with this one question: Explain how Israel could have possibly survived Israel’s War of Independence (1947-1949) to establish the State of Israel?

The only logical explanation is that Israel was Protected Miraculously by God.

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