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Fourth Commandment: REMEMBER the Sabbath Day

July 31, 2011

Religions have been leading Christians astray for centuries. I encourage those who love God and Jesus to read their Bibles and determine when exactly the Sabbath is and also what day Jesus was crucified on and on what day he arose. Many will be extremely surprised.

Have you ever wondered why the commandment
is to REMEMBER the Sabbath Day to Keep it Holy? 

Last Supper of Christ

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I offer these links for your assistance in locating the appropriate verses:

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Science Trying to Play God is Destroying Us

July 29, 2011

Incredibly ignorant people have already done so much damage to the earth, our health, and the delicate balance of nature that IMHO it is already too late for mankind to do anything to correct what we have done.

Foolish folk believe science can genetically modify foods and alter weather and not destroy us all. Silly notion. Their egos lead them to believe they are God and can do anything HE can do in spite of the fact that they have never created anything out of pure energy. That they can grow life from life that already exists proves nothing.

They believe they can alter nature, kill most of us off through intentional depopulation, and then restore the health of the planet.


Get right with God.
Focus on developing your
personal relationship with Jesus.

Time is short.

Monsanto, the company that developed Agent Orange – a chemical that left a legacy of miscarriages, deformed children and devastating health issues – is one of numerous corporations that are genetically altering our foods by intentionally adding toxins into the food which we then eat. Apparently that seems like a good idea to them.

Many are actively objecting and trying to force companies that package food to label food these Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) so that they can avoid them. Some are calling these Frankenfoods.

Even worse, they have created a Terminator Gene that keeps plants from reproducing. The purpose of this gene is to prevent farmers from saving seeds to plant in subsequent years. The danger is that this trait could cross over to other plant species – basically sterilizing the plants so that after the current year there can be no more plants grown from seeds for that type of plant. How many plant species can we afford to lose before mass starvation ensues?

Farmers who do NOT buy or plant GMO seed are being sued by Monsanto because their crops are being contaminated. There is no way they can prevent the natural spread by the wind or birds from the fields of other farmers, yet they are being held responsible by the courts and ordered to actually pay Monsanto for damage done to themselves. Now organic farmers are suing Monsanto hoping to survive what they call “Monsanto’s predatory practices”.


Most people trust government, churches who are not living by Biblical principles (or even contradict them), big brands and major corporations in spite of overwhelming evidence of their wrongdoing. Pray to determine what God wishes you to do. If you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus make that your highest priority. Nothing else you can do is likely to make a big difference in the eventual outcome.

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