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Why I Believe In and Have Surrendered to God

October 2, 2010

I have met many exceptionally gifted musicians who perform at New Thought churches affiliated with The Church of Religious Science aka Science of Mind based upon the writings of Ernest Holmes.

Those churches attract thinkers and musicians; however, the New Thought philosophies attempt to leave out the importance of Jesus and often replaces references to God with the word love instead.

At least one of their most influential leaders knows Jesus and attracts people seeking Truth to her church. The New Thought philosophies are another in a long line of paths that get us ALMOST to God but leave out what is most important. (more…)

Creationism or Evolution? Was Darwin WRONG?

May 1, 2010

Even though many teach evolution as fact, there is insufficient proof that evolutionists are correct. In fact, in his book, Darwin provides a specific test that his THEORY of evolution had to meet. If it fails that test in his own words he said, “my theory would absolutely break down.”

The November edition of National Geographic magazine (NG) posed the question “Was Darwin Wrong?” on its front cover. I highly recommend this post in reply to their article explaining in depth why Darwin was wrong about evolution using his own writings to prove it. (more…)