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Lucifer is Laughing

September 11, 2008

Lucifer is laughing:

  • At how naive so many still are
  • At how few truly trust in God – our God – the one and only God – who created us
  • At all the mouth Christians whose eyes are closed and ears do not hear

Surely Lucifer believes he is winning. Even those who claim they are Christians are easily:

  • Misled by the propaganda they swim in from birth until death
  • Kept worshiping things…and money…and reputation…and status
  • Led astray like a child distracted from his true path by a shiny object or a change of subject

Lucifer is laughing at:

  • The majority of Christians who actually serve Lucifer! – not the one true God
  • How easy it is for the Prince of Darkness to lead us around like sheep who have lost their true Shepherd
  • How few “Christians” have truly accepted Jesus promise that HE is THE Way THE Truth and THE Life

God will have the last laugh though – and those who would live forever with Him are running out of time.

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