On Cultural Blinders and Ludic Fallacies

September 16, 2008

Everyone on planet earth was born into an existing “game”. We here in the United States are now in the “end game” because the game we were born into is becoming increasingly unstable by design. We are constantly blamed for our own situation when, in fact, the “rules” are intended to prevent us from rising above our increasingly hopeless lives. Other countries were already in their own versions of the game.

It is NOT your fault and there is ONLY ONE SOLUTION.

If you’re an intellectual, like to figure things out, or think for yourself, read on. If you have faith, you can read on if you wish or simply surrender. Read the rest of this entry »

Lucifer is Laughing

September 11, 2008

Lucifer is laughing:

  • At how naive so many still are
  • At how few truly trust in God – our God – the one and only God – who created us
  • At all the mouth Christians whose eyes are closed and ears do not hear

Surely Lucifer believes he is winning. Even those who claim they are Christians are easily:

  • Misled by the propaganda they swim in from birth until death
  • Kept worshiping things…and money…and reputation…and status
  • Led astray like a child distracted from his true path by a shiny object or a change of subject

Lucifer is laughing at:

  • The majority of Christians who actually serve Lucifer! – not the one true God
  • How easy it is for the Prince of Darkness to lead us around like sheep who have lost their true Shepherd
  • How few “Christians” have truly accepted Jesus promise that HE is THE Way THE Truth and THE Life

God will have the last laugh though – and those who would live forever with Him are running out of time.

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